Saturday, January 20, 2018

Logitech C920 camera not working on Windows 10 fix

So by now you are probably done with the Logitech support folks.  As usual the manufactures don't hire anyone that has a clue. 

The C920 worked fine on Windows 7 and early releases of Windows 10.  Then Microsoft came along with the Creators update and presto no more reliable webcam.  It sometimes works, for a minute or so and then disappears.  Logitech support will have you do the usual handstands and it won't solve the problem. 

The fix is simple enough provided you have a USB 2 port.  Don't plug your C920 into a USB 3 port.  It won't work reliably with USB 3 and Windows 10.  Once I moved my C920 to a USB 2 port it's back to normal.

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