Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Block ads with Adguard Adblocker

I have been a user of Adblock Plus (ABP) for many years.  But lately many web sites I visit can detect this technology and block viewing their web site until you disable ABP.  Android Central is one example.  Their web site is riddled with ads and it is necessary to use an ad blocker to control all the popups and an animated ads they run.  I understand these sites need revenue to continue providing content, but some go too far and don't properly vet the ads they present on their web pages.  It's their own fault that ad blocking technology is needed.

I recently tried an app called Adguard Adblocker and this app is invisible to these same web sites allowing me to view their web pages with no ads.  It also uses less memory and seems a tad faster than ABP.  They make a Chrome app for free that works really well.

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