Friday, November 7, 2014

Block those robo calls with Nomorobo

How many telemarketer calls do you get each day?  If you are like me, too many.  I was using the blocking feature on my Panasonic cordless phone but it ran out of memory blocking too many numbers.  Then I logged into my Time Warner service to block phone numbers and they only allow 30 numbers.  I contacted Time Warner to complain about the 30 limit and they recommend I try Nomorobo. I did some research on Google and verified it’s a legit system, no fees, no hidden caveats.

Nomorobo maintains a database of all those phone numbers that annoy us.  They won’t block legitimate calls like your Dr’s office reminding you of an upcoming appointment.  I was able to get my Time Warner phone setup in less than two minutes.  It was easy.  

How does it work?  I logged into my Time Warner account and went to the phone section (they call it Voice Zone).  I had to enable a feature that allows my phone to ring on multiple numbers at the same time.  I didn’t even know my phone could do that.  Time Warner allows 5 different numbers.  You put in the 800 phone number that Nomorobo provides.  Then when your phone is called, Nomorobo will quickly lookup the phone number calling you, if the number is in their database, Nomorobo will pick up the phone first so your phone won’t keep ringing.  So yes your phone will still ring one time with these spammers but that’s it.

When you setup your account on the Nomorobo page, they first ask if the line you want to use is a landline or mobile. Then you tell Nomorobo what phone service you have, i.e. Time Warner, Verizon, Comcast or AT&T.  A detailed instruction comes up for your provider showing you exactly how to login into their web page and make the settings change. It’s very well done.

The Nomorobo web page is a simple layout.  They of course know that occasionally a robo call may slip through to your phone.  They have a way to report those numbers on their website so they can be reviewed and added to their database.

Nomorobo is free.  If you don’t like it, you login to the web account on your phone provider and undo the settings change, so you are in total control of stopping the service.  I feel this is a great solution to all those annoying calls.  I registered my phone number with the Do Not Call Registry and it does very little to help.  I reported countless phone numbers on the government site yet they keep calling.  The government can’t keep up with all these spammers. Nomorobo is the solution.

Comcast even has a support page for Nomorobo:


  1. That works the same as the call blocker app I got from Helps me filter incoming calls and sends blocked calls to voicemail or immediately disconnect it. Works great for me!

  2. You are mistaken,Gary. nomorobo is not compatible with Verizon Wireless, as they don't support the simultaneous ring feature needed to make it work. (though I am a long time fan of it on my Optimum Voice line)

    1. They show it on their menu, but yes when you select VW, it says it's not supported. I will have to try every option and see what is actually supported. I wish they would actually list what is supported.

  3. I have removed what's supported from the article. It turns out they list all providers but when you select many of them it says it's not supported. Too bad because the service works very well on supported providers.


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