Friday, September 26, 2014

Contract ending with AT&T or Verizon some options to consider

My contract recently ended with AT&T, I had an old plan, 450 minutes, 200meg of data and 200 text messages. With taxes it was coming to about $67 a month.  I live in area where TMobile and Sprint don’t have much coverage so jumping ship is not an option.

I was using a Samsung Galaxy S3 with my AT&T plan.  I love the phone and really don’t see anything I want by moving to a Galaxy S5 or LG 3.  So this is where you have some options to save money.

AT&T and Verizon don’t bother lowering your rates once your contract is up.  You keep paying that extra fee (not a line item on the bill) for the subsidized phone.  You must call your carrier and switch plans if you are happy with your current phone.  In my case I switched to a plan with unlimited minutes and texting and got an extra 100meg of data for $45 a month + taxes.  And the best part is no contract, I can switch plans or carrier at any time now.  If a new phone does come along that tweaks your interest, you can buy the phone from an alternate source like Amazon and usually save a few bucks.  You can also go on these new plans like Next (AT&T) or Edge (Verizon) where you lease the phone from the carrier.  These plans offer some flexibility if you’re the type that wants the latest and greatest every year.