Monday, May 5, 2014

Poor security with Apple iTunes

I went through hell the first time my iTunes account got hacked.  Apple has a policy where they won’t support iTune issues with their 800 service.  You must open a ticket and the support is less than stellar.  When I got my new credit card after my old one was cutoff I decided to use the new number only with iTunes.  No other charges were placed on the card.

Today I get a call from my credit card company questioning iTune purchases.  They listed off some charges and none were mine.  I mentioned to them how is this possible since I only use the card with iTunes that the number was stolen again.  They clearly stated this happens all the time with iTunes accounts!!  So WTF is Apple doing about it – NOTHING!  It’s been going on for years.

For a company as cash rich as they are how hard would it be to take a few talented engineers and plug the security holes they have?  It’s so frustrating.