Saturday, January 4, 2014

iPod mini 64gb upgrade

I decided to buy another broken iPod mini on eBay.  This time though I decided to try a SD card using a CF adapter.  They make CF adapters that accept SD cards.  The reason for going this route was price.  CF flash memory cards are a lot more expensive than a SD card.  I picked up a Transcend 64gb Class 10 card for $40 on Amazon.  A Transcend CF 64gb card is $75 on Amazon.  The CF adapters are going for $13, so even with the added cost of the adapter it’s still cheaper to buy a SD card.

SD cards over 32gb are SD XC.  That can present a problem with some CF adapters.  Many adapters are only compatible with SD HC cards. The adapter I ordered on Amazon (DigiGear Part# X000BN5CZZ) made no mention of it being compatible with SD XC but when I received the adapter they clearly updated the product.  Amazon’s photos and details are out of date.  The card is compatible with SD XC and is even stamped right on the adapter itself.

Now the bad news.  The write speeds are much slower using a SD card.  For many that may not matter.  I don’t change my music very often on my iPod’s so it’s no big deal, but I know for some that’s going to be a hassle. 

So for around $70 you can buy and upgrade an iPod mini to 64gb.  That’s a pretty decent price.  And the mini’s are USB and Firewire.  That’s a huge plus for anyone like myself that has an older iPod interface that only supports Firewire.  

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  1. Very cool! I noticed the availability of CF-> SD adapters and immediately thought of upgrading an iPod Mini beyond the 32GB I did years ago with a CF card. I’m going to go for 128GZb and see how it goes ! Thanks for the video !
    Tom in OrlNdo


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