Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Handbrake batch processing

I have been using Handbrake for years.  It’s probably one of the best video converters out there.  But it always bugged me when I had a bunch of videos to convert, it was a slow process to add each one to the queue.  Well little did I know that they added a batch mode a while back, but it’s somewhat hidden and not obvious to find.

I read one article on how to do it and was convinced I had the wrong version.  Well I did not, the article was just flat out wrong on how to convert them.  Here are the simple steps to convert many files at once:

Press the Source button and select “Open Folder” and then navigate to the folder that contains all the files you wish to convert.  Do not go into that folder, just select the folder.  This step could take a few seconds depending on how many videos you are converting.

Next select your preset.  The presets are on the right side and determine output file type, bit rate, sound options and resolution.

The final step is to press the down arrow next to the button “Add to Queue”.  When you press the button you will see “Add All”.  Choose it and all the videos in your selected folder are now in the queue.

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