Saturday, November 23, 2013

Convert FLAC to MP3 for free

DVDVideoSoft offers a free standalone utility to convert FLAC files to MP3 format.  It’s called “FreeAudio Converter”.  You do not need to download or install the suite to get this standalone utility.  I tested v 5.0.30 with several albums I had in FLAC format and it works well and is very easy to use. 

A big warning, their installer is riddled with extra installs.  Be very careful while installing to select the custom options to avoid installing some bloatware on your computer. 

I did find a bug while converting two albums.  The output filenames were truncated.  After examining in detail I finally found the issue.  The files names had a period after the track number which truncated the converted MP3 filenames.  I had to use my favorite tool, Total Commander, to delete the period after the track names so that the converter would properly carry over the full file name. 

Once I converted the files, the list of files remains in the window.  It took me second to discover if you right click in the window there is a selection called “Remove all” from the selection window.

There are options to change the output filename, but I found no need to use that feature.  There is a wide variety of output quality formats to choose from.  VBR, 32-320kbit and VBR Lame.  It also supports a wide variety of formats besides MP3 like Wav, M4A and M4A.  You can also create a M3U playlist during the conversion. 

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