Friday, October 25, 2013

Galaxy S3 Wireless Charging Mod

I have always loved the idea of charging devices by just dropping them in a dock for easy charging.  Cordless phones have been doing this for years, it’s not wireless but it’s so easy.  Wireless charging has been around for many years.  I have owned electric tooth brushes since I was a kid and they were all charged wirelessly. 

We have these wonderful smartphones that have these clumsy charging cords with one direction plugs that are hard to see in the dark.  I already tried to plug my charging jack in several times the wrong way.  One day it was going to break but luckily with wireless charging I won’t be using that plug very often now.

I did mod my Galaxy S3 a few months ago using copper tape and some parts from the defunct HP Palm smartphone.  It worked most of the time, but it was a clumsy mod and was not that easy for folks who are not comfortable modding things.  Now it’s a whole new era and modding your Samsung Galaxy S3 for wireless charging is as easy as taking the back off the phone. 

The parts required for modding your S3 are easily available from eBay or Amazon.  It’s going to cost you around $35.  That will include the part that goes in the phone and the charging plate.  There are many varieties out there to choose from.  Just make sure to choose something with the Qi standard.  (It’s pronounced (Chee).  By selecting the Qi type it will be compatible with many devices including the new Nexus 7 2013 model.  It has built in wireless charging. 

For how wireless charging works there is a wonderful Wiki page with all the details here:

I made a video showing how easy it is to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S3.  Other phone models are also upgradable to Qi charging.  You just need to search on eBay for your particular model.   

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