Thursday, November 15, 2012

Windows Live Calendar Gadget

When you use devices like Androids and iPads you get spoiled with the nice calendar options that are available.  I use Google calendar and wanted a simple calendar on my Windows 7 desktop so I would not have to keep a tab open in my browser to see what events are coming up. 

Windows Live Calendar Gadget filled the void.  This is a simple clean gadget that runs on the Windows 7  desktop.  It supports iCal which means you can link it to your Google Calendar to get your events on the desktop.  It’s a bit tricky navigating Google calendar to get your iCal address.  Click the gear in the upper right corner and then select settings.  Then select calendars in the upper left area and then select your calendar in the displayed list.  Then click the green iCal button and the URL will be shown that you need to paste into the Windows Calendar Gadget. 

The calendar looks very similar to the included Windows 7 gadget.  The difference is it shows your events below the calendar and highlights the day in a bolder font.  When you click the event in the list it shows more details.

The default look is a midnight skin.  I changed mine to the Aero look.  My only gripe is the size of the calendar.  Mine is set to large but it’s very tiny.  The developer needs to adjust the code for more sizing options.

The calendar site is here.

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