Friday, November 23, 2012

Forward SMS messages to your email

Recently I found an increase in the number of text messages I receive.  I don’t why so many prefer texts over emails but for me it was a hassle.  My main issue was I don’t wear my mobile phone when I am home.  It sits on charge.  I can answer calls anywhere in my house on my mobile phone because I have a Panasonic Blue Tooth cordless phone that communicates with my mobile device.

When I am watching TV, I have no clue a SMS was sent to me.  I have a tablet computer on my sofa that alerts me to new emails but not SMS messages.  I decided to research the ability to forward text messages to my gmail account.

I found two applications that do the job.  The first is called PopMyPhone.  Not only can this send emails for SMS but it can email you about missed calls.  My only gripe with this app is it’s tied to a 3rd party server to pass the SMS messages to where they get emailed.  I would have preferred a solution where the phone sends the email directly.  This is app is free provided you don’t receive more than 50 texts per pay.  I realize that won’t fly for many but for my needs it works.  Another minor gripe is the email has lots of help info in the body of the email.  I find that annoying and there is no way to opt out of the help messages.

The other app I found called SMS Backup+ can accomplish my needs although it was not really designed for it.  This app is geared to backing up all your SMS messages to your gmail account.  With a little tweaking in the setup options you can fudge it to just send an email after a SMS is received.  There will be a one minute delay in the email being sent but it’s all done locally on your phone with no 3rd party servers.  This app has one major drawback, the developer treats these emails as backups and forces the emails to not land in your inbox.  They are labeled with a ‘SMS’ tag but I would prefer them to show in the inbox which I was not able to do.  I tried contacting the developer about a possible enhancement but they did not respond to my request.

Here are the settings you need to get SMS Backup+ to forward your SMS messages:

Connect and Auto backup must be checked
In Auto Backup settings

  • Regular schedule is set to Never
  • Incoming schedule is set to 1 minute

Under Backup settings

  • Uncheck Mark as read otherwise you could miss the email

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