Tuesday, May 1, 2012

iPad 3rd gen eBay case

I got my iPad 3rd gen on opening day but decided to sit back a few weeks and let the cheap knockoffs from eBay come out.  I hate paying crazy prices for a case.  My goal was a front/back case, borderless, thin, cheap and of course compatible with the 3rd gen iPad.  I don’t care for those 360 cases on eBay, I have one and they are clumsy to use and are thick. 

So one finally popped up, $16 bucks with free shipping from Hong Kong.  I waited hoping to find one in the states and finally just caved and ordered it from HK.  To my surprise it only took a week to arrive.  I am very accustomed to HK orders taking way longer. 

The case is nicely made, thin and has a suede like interior that will not scratch the iPad.  The case was advertised as iPad 3 compatible yet the smart switch (magnetic) does not work.  I confirmed the case does have a magnet in it but it’s located where the iPad 2 wants it.  I decided to keep the case anyways, it’s not worth the hassle of returning it to HK, and overall I really like it.


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