Friday, March 9, 2012

AVI Trimmer - Edit MKV files with no encoding

I have been wanting for years a way to clip a MKV file without having to go through the lengthy process of encoding the clipped output.  I entered the magic keywords into Google this week and found my solution.  Not only does it work great but it’s free! 

AVI Trimmer is the solution.  Don’t let the name fool you, it works with MKV files. I have spent countless hours with Handbrake clipping large MKV files just to get that 3 minute music performance from a large video file.  Those days are over now.  I clipped my first movie in about 30 seconds, that’s how easy and fast this gem is.

AVI Trimmer can work with MPEG4, Divx or Xvid and other video formats.  Audio support is also very flexible.  The program has a built in video viewer.  You drag an edit bar over the timeline where you want to start the clip and end the clip.  The edit bar shows you the time in hh:mm:ss:ms format.  You just enter the start time and end time into the window and press save.  The file saves in seconds because there is no encoding.  It’s that easy and fast.