Sunday, January 1, 2012

MSN Direct pulls the plug today

Good old Microsoft pulled the plug today on MSNDirect radio services.  MSN Direct was used to deliver data feeds over FM radio signals.  Companies like Garmin (GPS) and Oregon Scientific  designed many of their products to use this service.  I own a Garmin Nuvi GPS that had traffic updates that were using MSN Direct.  My Garmin can still navigate but I will no longer know if there are any traffic issues on my route.  I would have to buy a new GPS to get back that functionality.

What’s more upsetting are weather stations.  My Oregon Scientific weather station has turned into a door stop since Microsoft pulled the plug.  What’s even more insulting is they are still selling these MSN Direct weather stations on Amazon!

I wonder how many people will be placing support calls over the next few weeks wondering why their electronic gadgets stopped working all of sudden.  I hope Microsoft gets some heat from this latest move.

My now useless weather station