Sunday, October 2, 2011

SanDisk Cruzer 32gig keychain mount

I was hesitant to buy this drive after reading many user reviews that you cannot attach this drive to a keychain.  I saw a couple of comments that users did attach them which left me confused why most said you could not.  Well I decided to buy it and hope it worked.  I was able to finally attach it to my keychain.  My first attempt failed, I tried using a small metal ring from a LED flashlight.  The ring was too big to fit around the pin.  I than had an old lanyard lying around that uses a nylon string that fit perfectly around the metal pin.  In my opinion Sandisk blew it with the keychain mount.  The older Cruzers worked fine and they included the keychain ring. Why the later models do not is very bizarre.

When you first plug your new Cruzer into your Windows system you won’t be able to copy large files (>4gig) to the device.  Sandisk is still formatting these drives with FAT32.  I recommend reformatting the drive for NTFS.  It’s a much more stable file system to store our important files.

File transfers are still slow due to the USB 2.0 interface.  I copied a 4.7gig file in 14 minutes.  

What I have always liked about the Cruzer line is no cap is required to cover the USB plug.  The USB plug retracts into the drive using a slider control that is easily moved with your thumb.  The drive also has a light to indicate it’s on and blinks when data is being transferred to or from the drive.  

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