Friday, May 20, 2011

Pronto remote 3000 unresponsive screen fix

I have been a long time Pronto user.  Pronto’s are the most flexible remotes on the market.  They are not easy to program but once you understand the power of ProntoEdit you can make your life very easy with having one remote to control your home theater.  I know Logitech makes the Harmony remote line, but they can’t touch the power of a Pronto.  The bad news is Pronto was made by Philips and they announced in 2010 they are getting out of the remote business and Philips did not try and sell the Pronto line to anyone.  The reason is probably a simple one, Pronto’s are very expensive.

On to the TSU3000.  My 3000 decided to not respond to any touch screen commands.  I reset the remote, removed the power, re-flashed the firmware and nothing fixed the screen.  I found a thread on remote central where the problem is very common.  You must disassemble your 3000 to fix the issue.  An edge connector on the LCD goes bad.  There is an easy fix using a pin or a sharp pointed knife to fix the contacts.  I made a video to show how to fix the contacts.

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  1. Pronto might be quite hard on the pocket, but it does an amazing job complementing your home theater.


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