Saturday, May 14, 2011

A neat 12v channel strip to cleanup your charging setup

I found a nice 6 banana output channel strip at Tower Hobbies to cleanup my charging mess in my car.  I always had alligator clips daisy chained in a mess that would easily disconnect while charging my lithium batteries.  This strip is made by Integy and costs about $22.  It’s a bargain for what you get.  It’s fused protected and 4 of the 6 outlets are switched and have individual power LED’s.  There is also a master power LED for the entire strip. It also includes 3 sets of banana plugs to retrofit some of your chargers.

I decided to remove the feet off the back and use Velcro to mount it to my marine battery.  The cable going to battery is about 4’ which is great if you prefer to keep your chargers out of the car while charging.  

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