Saturday, April 30, 2011

TracFone $7 a month

There are some individuals that don’t use a cell phone much.  I was paying for an extra phone on my ATT plan so my folks could have a phone for emergencies and an occasional call.  Adding a phone requires a family plan and then the BS fees and the end result is that $10 phone really costs more like $30 a month.  I discovered Tracfone a couple of years ago and decided to try it.  I bought a very simple LG phone at Target for about $20. Phones today start at $10. A 60 minute 90 day card was $20.  Every 90 days you must ‘charge’ the plan with another $20 or you lose whatever minutes you did not use.  The Tracfones also show you your remaining minutes and days on the cell phone main screen. 

The TracFone has turned out to be a huge success for anyone that does not chat on the phone all day.  I get an email 10 days prior to the expiration date to ‘re-up’ the phone.  It’s a simple process of logging into your account and selecting a service plan.  The awesome part is the unused minutes rollover.  You can also buy a double your minutes service for a onetime fee of $20.  Another great feature is no contracts.  If you break or lose your phone, run over to a Tracfone dealer like Target or Walmart and buy another $10 phone and you are set.  It is unbelievable how many people that don’t use their phone very much are paying $40 a month with Verizon or ATT.  And we all know that $40 plan is much more after the BS charges they tack on.   With TracFone they only charge sales tax.  So it costs me about $7 a month.   The coverage is great also. 


  1. With all these great financial advantages you've mentioned about Tracfone, it seems that these plans are perfect for pensioners, students, small budgeters and big savers. It makes sense to me that this Tracfone $19.99 plan would be great for pensioners especially I think paired with the Tracfone Samsung T155G for seniors that is hearing aid compatible with larger keys and letters on the screen. With this phone costing $15 I can see that allot of seniors can afford to have a phone on them at all times for emergencies.

  2. If you really want to save money I'd suggest another company. I come from a large family, so there aren't enough lines on the plan for all of us. My dad got me a tracfone instead. I really hated using there service. I've found that they're more expensive than other groups, their customer service is poor, and all the promotions they sent me via email(and they send lots of emails) are all bad.
    Once, I was sent a code that said if I bought a certain amount I'd get 150 minutes. The way the email was written was worded to make people believe that they were getting 150 minutes free, when you were really just getting 30 minutes free. There rest came from the double minute card I had. But the online system would take the code. I then had to spend the next hour and a half on the phone with customer service. Only 15 minutes of that was actually talking(Warning: don't call tracfone on your tracfone, those calls aren't free.) I was informed by one person that the code had expired a month before it was sent to me(the email said I had two more weeks on it) and another person told me that the code never existed.

    Instead I'd suggest any other prepaid company. Platinum tell has 5 cents a minute and 2 cents per text. And a $10 card will last for 2 months. That's 100 minutes a month for 5 dollars. And minutes roll over, even. To get the same deal with tracfone you have to pay twice that. And customer service is much nicer and helpful.
    There's also H2O, Net10, SIMple Mobile, and many others that are all cheaper than Tracfone.

  3. i actually got my monthly down to $6.25 i bought a year card then the computer offered me a second year for only $50 more so $150 /24

  4. I use pageplus cellular $12.00 a month for 250 min, 250 text and some data which I don't use and its thru verizon's towers

  5. I switched 5 yrs ago to tracfone and could not be happier my grand kids also have. I have never experienced a problem. Could use this phone in my beach condo that verizon or at&t all failed in. Sorry this is a great value and have never had any problem with customer service

  6. So how many minutes text and data do you get for $7 a month?

  7. What website can I use to find the $7 a month TracFone.

    1. It's not a bargain deal, their everyday pricing has a $20 card that is good for 3 months with 60 minutes. So it's about $7 a month. If you buy a 1 year card it's even less.

  8. Great summary of Tracfone. Thanks!

  9. I currently have puretalkusa and no longer recommend them. I was one of their first customers and for $5 a month-got 80 min with an 150 bonus (for good looks:) They no longer offer that plan-but they grandfathered me in an then tacked on $1.50 taxes/fees/BS (over 30%!) and they are very poor at math-I use my "flip" phone infrequently and I keep track of all texts. At first it was 2 texts for 1 min but sometimes they would take a full minute--and the last 6 min call I made had them subtract 8 min...I have gone round and round with them on email..but now they wont even respond-just ignore (ignorance?)me......but I am kind of stuck-its cheap-still.