Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pacman for iPad from Namco

Pacman was on sale this weekend so I decided to try it even though the reviews were not great.  It turns out the game is very good, the few that left negative comments did not discover the hidden trick to control the Pacman.  For some reason Namco decided to make this a left handed game.  As it turns out you don’t have to touch the joystick control in the lower left, you can touch anywhere on the screen to play the game.  With that tip this game is a nice retro blast to play.  The graphics are authentic as are the sound effects.  Anybody who has enjoyed PacMan in the arcade room will be more than happy with this release for the iPad.  I tested this on an iPad 2 and there were no slowdowns or sluggish play.  The game is over priced at $4, but for $2 bucks it’s an ok deal. 

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