Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nippon Labs Internal Card Reader

I have had really bad luck selecting internal card readers over the years. I use a SLR camera that still uses the CF type of memory card.  The internal card readers that I have used over the years require a precision hand when inserting the card if you don’t want bent pins.  My Rosewill reader finally decided to have a mind of it’s own and was so flaky I never knew when it was going to work.  It would keep telling Windows it was there and then not there.  It recently went into a loop and the dinging noise from Windows seeing and not seeing the reader drove me crazy and I finally sent the reader to the trash bin.

I read all the reviews for my next card reader.  I was not going to get another Rosewill product.  I went with a company called Nippon Labs.  Their card reader is the first where I don’t need to insert my CF card and pretend I am doing heart surgery.  The SD and CF slots fit the memory cards perfectly.  The one I selected also has an eSATA and USB port.  They even include the SATA cable.  The card reader connects to any onboard USB header.  Most M/B’s have several of these and installation is easy.  This reader goes for about $20.


  1. looking at unit I think it is very professional, this is like a black box with wires coming out. there are no instructions, no marking on cable.. true some are self evident. simply name the cables. or a picture .for wiring

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