Monday, April 4, 2011

iPad calculator app - EZ Digits

I was very surprised to see how many apps that are included on the iPhone don’t exist on the iPad.  The iPad with it’s larger screen makes an ideal calculator.  I was searching for a paper tape type calculator and only two showed up that looked good.  I wanted a real time paper trail where you see the tape as you are entering your numbers.  EZ-Digits was better because it uses the full screen, another app called Calculator HD was also good but it wasted too much screen space with cute desktop graphics that don’t do anything.

The paper tape in EZ-Digits is really unique with it’s ability to label each transaction.  By just touching the tape line item it opens the keyboard and allows you to assign a label to each field.  I like that feature, especially since you can email your tape or copy it to the clipboard.  The delete last command function is also a nice touch. 


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