Friday, April 15, 2011

iPad 2 sleeve for $1.58

This was more a less a curiosity to see how and what you get from Hong Kong for $1.58 with shipping!  I do a good amount of Hong Kong orders these days for RC gear because the pricing and quality is amazing these days.  How can someone ship a product for this price?  It arrived 22 days after I ordered it.  The funny part is my friend Eric ordered the same product on the same day and got his a week earlier.  But that’s a good thing because the word PATIENCE for Eric is a four letter word! 

The sleeve comes in three colors – red, blue or black.  It’s well stitched.  It’s not a very heavy material but it’s going to do the job of preventing scratches.  If you carry your iPad 2 in a backpack or briefcase this sleeve will do the job.  The Ebay description for the sleeve was Black 9.7" inch laptop sleeve case bag for Apple iPad”.

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