Tuesday, April 12, 2011

iPad 2 Case

I get a bit frustrated when I see iPad 2 cases going for well over $50 bucks.  Many go even higher.  It’s just a case!  I like Ebay, lots of variety and cheap solutions coming directly from Hong Kong.  I was not too thrilled seeing basically the same thing from everyone where the case acts as a border and blocks the iPad’s edge.  I also was not looking for something to just protect the back like many skins do.  This case protects both sides.

This case is somewhat like a skin but it has a cover.  It’s some sort of leather that has a simulated carbon look.  The case also acts as a stand but I don’t see myself using that feature.  I just wanted something to protect the iPad from day to day use.  All the ports are well accessible with this case, nothing is blocked.  This case also does not add much bulk to the iPad 2, it's still thin and light.  For around $16 bucks it’s a decent deal.

One negative is the case does smell.  I have been reading on the forums that many of these cases have a stink.  This one is no exception.  I’m sure a few days in the outdoors will fix the issue.  Also the case arrived very quickly from Hong Kong.  It took under two weeks to arrive.

Below are some photos and a video I made.


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  1. I am also surprised seeing that iPad 2 cases going for well over $50 bucks. Well, I am looking for Ipad skin covers at cheap price. Please suggest me some sites from where I can buy it.


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