Saturday, April 16, 2011

iPad 2 bargain charger and cables

Apple like most companies makes a ton of profit on accessories.  I like having an additional charger that I leave in my carry bag because I am too lazy to unplug the charger from under my table when I take my iPad with me.  I also like leaving an extra sync/charger cable in my bag which is helpful for iPads, iPhones and iPods since they all use the same cable.  If you were to go the Apple route you are looking at $50 for a charger and cable!  Luckily we have Ebay which is an awesome place to find generic chargers and cables for any gizmo today. 

When searching for an iPad charger it’s important to make sure the charger clearly states 10 watts (or 2.1 amps).  The charger that comes with an iPhone is not 10 watts.  They are easily found and many are in the USA for fast shipping.  The one I got is nicely packaged in a retail box.  The blue LED glow light is a nice touch and it’s not too bright, it won’t resemble a lighthouse in the evening!

Next is the Apple sync/charger cable.  These cables are all the same across the iPad, iPhone and iPod lines.  Apple gets $20 for a cable!  The standard cable is also only 3 feet long.  I needed a longer cable for easier reach and I found quantity four 6 foot cables for $9 total with free shipping in the USA. 

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