Thursday, April 7, 2011

Atari Greatest Hits for iPad

Atari, a very well known company from the early days of computer gaming (1972) has released a retro gaming app for Apple’s iPhone and iPad.  The iPad app is where this really shines.  They did a very nice job designing the interface.  I have played a few other retro games on the iPad and developers didn’t do a good job thinking out the interface.  The folks from Atari have changed all that.  I can remember the days of playing games on the Atari 2600 with my friends in high school.  Of course these games today don’t look flashy and in most cases are downright crude by comparison but the game play is still alive and loads of fun.

The app is free but the catch here is you only get Pong.  You need to buy game packs which are .99c or you can you buy all the 99 games for $15.  

I made video showing Asteroids and Missile Command

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