Tuesday, March 15, 2011

iPad Easter Egg Hunt

Shame on Apple.  That’s right Shame on Apple.  These silly games Apple plays is getting tiresome.  I spent 12 ½ hours in line to get an iPhone 4 and said never ever again.  So when the iPad 2 came out I didn’t even attempt to get one on opening day.  I did try the day after visiting two Best Buys and one Apple store.  Of course no joy.  But the most frustrating part is Apple has no online store inventory.  How can a company as savvy and techy as Apple not have this basic feature?  And then I noticed a trend, Best Buy and Target labeled it store pickup only, no online ordering.  Then I see JR Music World has the same deal, store pickup only!  This is classic Steve Jobs games.  And then the icing on the cake, the phone.  I tried calling two Apple stores, I did umpteen times and it’s ring, ring, ring - No answer!  I’m fed up.  I don’t want to play this game anymore.  Apple wants your money and they make you work to spend it.

And what’s up with the retailers like Best Buy, Target, Walmart, ATT and Verizon?  They all got less than 10 per store?  More games from our beloved Steve Jobs and company…..

So then today I took the bait – hook , line and sinker. I saw the rumor mill on that Apple is having a 2nd launch day and is opening their stores early on March 15th.  Of course I tried calling Apple but you know the story.  So in the car I went, arrived at the Menlo Park store at 9am and was told they have not received any additional iPads since launch day.  They told me to call them!  Yeah that works…..

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  1. Wow. Get some perspective. Life's not that bad.


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