Friday, March 25, 2011

iPad Desktop Basics

Sometimes we geeks take things for granted.  After my great experience with the Atomic Browser a few friends asked how I got the Atomic Browser app on the bottom menu bar.  I had that you have to be kidding look.  I didn’t need to refer to any iPad docs because I have owned an iPhone since day one.  But when I opened my iPad 2 box to see what they give you I was somewhat surprised to find no manual.  As simple as the iPad is, Apple should provide some basic manual.  

Anyways here is a basic video I made up to show how to move apps around, create folders and how to change the menu app bar.  I also discussed those little white dots, another “what’s that do” from my buddies!

Final thoughts, once your done editing your desktop press the home button which will stop the apps from wiggling.  I forgot to mention that in the video!!

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