Sunday, March 27, 2011

Flipboard - Best Personalized Magazine for iPad

I was loading up the standard news apps for my iPad, like USA Today, NY Times and CNN.  Then I discovered a thread on MacRumors were they were discussing Flipboard, Zite and a few others.  I loaded both and I love Flipboard.  Flipboard is 100% what you want, you decide what news feeds to display in a magazine like format.  I selected  my popular sites like Engadget, TV Guide, Hollywood Reporter, New Scientist, Facebook, Car & Driver and many others.  The best part is the user interface, it is just like iOS, you hold down a news feed for a couple of seconds and drag it around to a different spot or page.

I can’t list all the feeds here but here are a few I recognized - Twitter, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, Wired, Science Magazine, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Popular Science, CNET, Roger Ebert and many other topics like food, cooking, dining, travel and shopping.  The list is very impressive.

Articles can be emailed or Tweeted.  There are also Flipboard news feeds which are articles curated by their staff.  About the only negative thing I can see with Flipboard is they don’t allow more than two pages of content for a total of 21 feeds.  Granted that is a lot, but having another page would be nice.  But the best part about Flipboard is my standard, it’s FREE!

I made a video

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