Friday, February 25, 2011

Silence that video card!

I am not a big gamer anymore.  My system had a GeForce 8800GT video card that sounded pretty similar to a 747 airline jet taking off.  The fan on many 3D video cards are way too loud for my ears. The problem is the video card has little room to allow for a big fan, so instead they use a small high RPM fan which are very noisy.

I decided to downgrade my 3D performance to have peace of mind.  The GeForce GT210 from Asus (EN210 Silent) has no fan.  Instead the card has a huge heat sink on it.  Yes you give up some 3D performance but for many that is not going to be an issue.  You can still play many games with this card, just don’t expect too much.  The EN210 has been rock solid in my Windows7 system. 

The EN210 from Asus has DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs.  The interface is PCI Express 2.0.  It has onboard 1GB of RAM.

ASUS GT210 (EN210 Silient)

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