Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Firefox Tab Manager

Firefox has very basic tab features.  In the old days I used Avant Browser which was a front end for Internet Explorer which introduced me to what tabs should do in a browser.  But Avant Brower had other issues which finally got me to move to FireFox.  But then the withdrawal started because of the lack of power that Firefox tabs offered.  Then I discovered Tab Mix Plus.  Odd name, but now I have tabs that are on steroids!  This add-on for FireFox has a dizzying amount features and setup options. 

The most important feature I want a tab to do is open a new tab when I click a link that is not part of the same site.  I don’t want to lose my place or have to use the back button to get back to site I started at.  Next, when I select a site from my Bookmarks I want a new tab opened, don’t lose my current tab.  So now hopefully you see the trend here, always open a new tab when navigating to other sites.  It also works the same way in the search window and aliases/keywords. 

The next feature is tab sizes.  I tend to have many tabs open and you quickly end up with a tab bar that won’t fit that many tabs on one screen.  TMP has a feature to shrink the width of a tab based on the title.  You can also control the maximum size of the tab so you can fit many more tabs on one window.  I have my width set to 110.

Another thing I always like is dedicated discussion forums for software.  TMP has one and it’s very active.

Tab Mix Plus is a must have for Firefox.  Download it here:

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