Thursday, February 17, 2011

HTC Home Weather/Clock App with video

I added a video for my favorite weather widget.  The HTC weather app is a port from the app you see on the HTC Android phones.  It has a very cool look to it.  You can also download additional skins.  The stock skin is by far the best looking.

They also added a separate clock to the 2.3 version.  The clock also has a few skins built in.

The app requires .Net 4 and only runs on Windows 7 or Vista.  You can also download a portable version which is much easier than worrying about the .NET versions.   The weather source is MSN, Foreca or FreeMeteo.  

Some sample screen shots


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  3. Yes it is port from the app as seen on htc android which is widely used these days and is very popular


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