Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dell Vostro 1500 Wireless N upgrade

My Vostro laptop is a couple of years old and only had wireless G capability.  I found that you can replace the Wi-Fi card in this laptop very easily.  I googled around trying to find a generic card to use because we all know Dell will sock it to us with their replacement branded card.  I found the Intel 4965AGN MJP card would work on this Vostro 1500.  Be careful to get the same part number, the last 3 letters come in a variety of models for different laptops like HP or Lenovo. 

You can watch the video for the installation which will take under 5 minutes for the complete upgrade to wireless N.  If you have Windows 7 no drivers are required, Windows 7 detects the Intel card and properly installs the necessary drivers.

The speed increase is great.  I was averaging 22Mbps with wireless G, the wireless N upgrade got me to 75Mbps.  I highly recommend this upgrade if you have an old laptop, I was able to find this Intel card on Ebay with shipping for $18.  

Watch the video for complete installation


  1. It's a miracle that I found this! I was about to buy a USB wireless-n network adapter! Thanks!

  2. if it is possible to use taht same card to upgrade dell vostro 3500 ?

  3. Looks easy enough to do. We are upgrading our internet soon with a new ISP and once we get a Wireless-N Router it will be worth switching the Wireless G card in my Vostro 1500 to take advantage of the extra speed.

    I backup my laptop across the network to an external USB drive that is attached to a desktop wired into the router. Switching to Wireless N should make my backups zip through at lightning speed, especially photos/videos.

    5 years old but my Vostro is still going strong. Nicely built machine and well worth the extra cost at the time.

  4. Gary, I really appreciate your time in writing and recording a video on this upgrade. I've just completed my own with simple ease as a result.

    I used the Intel Wireless N 4965AGN MM2 WiFi Link Card.



  5. thanks for your tips, I bought my wifi card on ebay, and It works great!!!

  6. Hah just ordered the Intel card you recommend above. Off ebay, the card is now down to $3.96 free shipping. No brainer right there, I can't believe a wireless N upgrade for my Vostro 1500 costs less money than a Starbucks coffee! Vostro 1500 still going strong, after upgrading the RAM, CPU, hard drive, optical drive (converted to caddy/2nd hard drive), and now the wireless card, over the past decade. What a workhorse.