Sunday, February 13, 2011

Converting those awkward video files

I like free software.  The problem is most of the free video conversion utilities don't do a great job.  But there is an exception, Handbrake.  It's open source, multi-platformed and works great.  I prefer MKV files and hate WMV files.  Handbrake makes converting files easy and the outputs actually work!  Many folks will rip their DVD and you end up with countless directories and files to play that video.  I prefer one file for my video library.  Handbrake can take the DVD or Bluray structure (it can't decrypt the disk) and make a simple one file video format. You can also change things like the video resolution, bit rate and audio streams.  Another nice feature is batch processing and Handbrake does it well.  Handbrake can also clip a video which can be done by frames or seconds. 

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