Friday, February 4, 2011

Total Commander, the ultimate utility for Windows

I don't know how long I have been using Total Commander (in the old days it was Windows Commander but Bill Gates got the lawyers out ....) but this single program has outlived any other software tool I have used since I started using computers.  It's not sexy looking, but it's the most practical and easiest  file management utility I have ever used.  When I setup a new computer or work on a friends system the first thing I have to install is Total Commander.  I can't live without it.  The premise is simple, a left side and a right side, each side is pointing to something (network share, physical drive, flash drive, FTP or a container).  The concept works, you copy/move files between the left and right sides.  Anybody can understand this.  What's even more cool is when you open a zip/rar/tar file you get the same interface - left and right sides.

There are many other features inside TC.  Another cool feature is Branch View, it hides the sub-directories and shows all the files in one window.  It has the obvious tools too like search, edit and view.  A very unique feature is the Start Menu.  The start menu allows you to setup launching other apps - Photoshop for example.  So point to a file, jpeg in this example and select Photoshop from the start menu, it will launch Photoshop and open the file pointed at the cursor.

It's free with a small nag screen.  But this one is worth buying for one really good reason, free updates for life. It's the best software I ever bought.

You can download it from the authors site:

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